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Helping Create Your Financial Plan

“In this fast-paced global economy, Financial Planning is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.” 

For many busy professionals and business owners, there’s little time left to deal with personal finances, after career and family.  Unfortunately, being “too busy” can be costly.   If you’re like most people, you have saved some money, bought some life insurance, and invested in the market, but you still don’t have a ‘complete’ plan and might be missing out on crucial tax efficiencies.

Jordan and his team work with their clients to ensure they have well thought-out objectives, clear action steps, and a realistic timetable to achieve their financial goals.  When you meet with Jordan, he will combine your vision with his knowledge to build a comprehensive and customized financial plan that addresses all aspects of your financial life; goal planning, risk management, wealth accumulation, distribution planning, and tax efficiency.  Like a well tailored suit, your plan will reflect your personality and aspirations.

Jordan meets with his clients on a regular basis to review their year, update goals and adjust their plan accordingly.  Jordan not only focuses on helping clients accumulate assets, but also specializes in planning the most efficient way for them to start drawing from their wealth.

Let Jordan Smith and his team help turn your vision into reality.


Jordan S Smith
Wealth Management Advisor

jSmith Financial

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